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justjess217's Journal



>>I am 17 years young.
>>I play basketball&volleyball
>>During the summer...that's my life.
>>I'm boring beyond belief.
>>I love watching basketball (The Lakers).
>>I love hip-hop music.
>> Personality > Looks.
>> I love eating junk food
>> But I'm on a diet. :(
>>I was born in Mexico.
>>I wish that I could be a kid again.
>>I don't drive.
>>I'm scared to.
>>I don't have a job.
>>I need one.
>>I like boys.
>>Sometimes I'm boy-crazy
>>But not in an annoying way.
>>I promise.
>>I'm scared of death.
REALLY scared.
>>I'm an internet geek.
>>I throw the peace sign up way too much.
>>I don't like being called:
>>"sweetie","honey", "sweetheart", or "babe" by anyone my age.
>>It annoys the FUCK out of me.
>>I'm trying to cut down on my cursing.
>>I like taking pictures.

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